Rewarding Toil Consulting Process and Pricing

Diagnosing the main causes of your firm’s problems is the first step. And in the process you will discover exactly what you stand to gain by fixing them.

There are two ways you can work through an initial diagnosis, a DIY option and a paid option. You can either study the free content on this site, and run some of the free tools I’ve provided, or you can have me perform an initial diagnostic of your firm’s performance.

If you have the time, you should use the free materials first. If you don’t have the time, I can move things along for you. Once we’ve diagnosed the issues we can schedule a consulting engagement to fix them.

Paid Diagnostic: (Applied to the consulting fee if engaged within 6 months of the diagnostic.)
    Freelancer: $500
    Firm of 2-5: $750
    Firm of 6-12: $1,000

Consulting Engagement
    Freelancer: $1,500
    Firm of 2-5: $3,500-$5,000
    Firm of 6-12: $5,000-$7,500

Ongoing Coaching
    Freelancer: starting at $200/month
    Firm of 2-5: starting at $400/month
    Firm of 6-12: starting at $600/month

Details. Diagnostics require three years of financial data (monthly income statements and balance sheets) and an employee census with salary history for the same time period. You will receive an analysis of the data provided comparing your performance against industry standards. I’ll also project what your gain will be if your firm’s performance can be improved to meet those benchmarks.

Consulting engagements are typically on site and are booked at least two to three weeks out from the hire date. If diagnostics have not yet been performed, the financial data will need to be provided for analysis prior to consulting date. Additional input for a consulting engagement will include employee DiSC report evaluation, and an employee survey.

Ongoing coaching includes monthly evaluation of key financial metrics (P&L, balance, and cash flow). This provides ongoing evaluation as well as the important function of accountability in regular financial management of your firm. Two calls per month are scheduled: one for basic performance metric evaluation, and the other for general guidance in implementing specific consulting goals.