DIY Design Firm Diagnostic

Diagnosing the main causes of design firm performance problems is the first step in fixing them. I can be hired to run an initial diagnostic for your firm, or you can use the materials here on this site to identify some of the main issues before initiating a consulting engagement.

Here are some links to key tools and articles to get you started.

For Freelancers
Where is Your Freelance Path Leading?
Freelance Readiness Survey
Hourly Rate Calculator
5 Reasons Marketing to Everyone Will Kill Your Creative Business (External link
Can a Designer Become a Business Owner?

For Design Firms
Design Firm Health Calculator
Finding the Time to Think
Can a Designer Become a Business Owner?
Help! I Hired Help! (External link
Agency Branding: Time to Hang Up the Beret (External link
The Sharp Edge of Positioning
Is Your Blog Juice Not Worth the Squeeze? (External link
Solving the Cash Flow Crisis
Time, A Nonrenewable Resource