The 5M Methodology

PrintEvaluating the general health of your professional design practice can be as easy as running this simple calculator. But fixing the underlying causes of unprofitability and lack of control that freelancers and small firms face requires a multi-faceted approach. That’s why I’ve developed my 5M assessment methodology.

Money: We start with money not because it’s your ultimate purpose, but because it is the truest indicator of your business’s health. Pursuing solid financial performance and practices is both a rewarding goal and a very illuminating process. read more

Minutes: Your most valuable resource, and the most limited, is your time. Measuring how you use your minutes is a commonly neglected practice leading to much many joy killing frustrations in our work. read more

Marketing: Your lead generation and closing problems won’t be solved by hiring a sales person. Don’t waste your time and money on sales programs until you’ve diagnosed your marketing problem. read more

Management: Employees languish when their work and their capacities don’t match–getting people into the right roles will increase productivity and enjoyment in work. read more

Motivation: Running a small business can be exhausting. And as a designer you may have more than one barrier to building a successful business. Examining your motivations can help you overcome these barriers and turn what might feel like futile toil into rewarding work. read more