About Eric Holter

Background (and Foreground)
Designers who start their own firms, or begin freelance practices, face some unique challenges changing gears from artist to business owner. I’ve faced these challenges. I graduated as an illustration major at Rhode Island School of Design (’91) and started out freelancing doing wood engraving and fine press printing. I then worked at a couple advertising agencies (Pagano, Schenck & Kay, and Leonard/Monahan). In 1995 I starting Newfangled, a web development firm. In 2013 I successfully completed an ownership transition of Newfangled to an employee. Since Newfangled is a specialized partner to advertising agencies and design firms I’ve had the pleasure of working with scores of agency owners over those years. Through Rewarding Toil I now get to enjoy even deeper involvement with designers and agency owners–helping them manage their businesses successfully.

One other important thing you might want to know about me is that for the majority of the time I was building Newfangled, I was also serving as a bi-vocational pastor. Today this is flipped around. I am now the vocational pastor of Redeeming Grace Church in Durham, NC, as well as a business consultant. Accordingly, you may find that many of my business principles are grounded not only in experience and best business practices, but also from blessed business practices from the time-tested, solid ground of Biblical wisdom.