management-puzzleI am not a big fan of personality tests. I couldn’t tell you the difference between an INTJ or an ESFP.  But then I strated using the DiSC profile system I gained tons of insight into how people’s work styles factor into their various role and responsibilities in the office.

Pretty much every time I tried to place an employee into a role that their profile suggested they might not be well suited for it turned out to be a mistake. But when we used their DiSC profile information to move people into the rolls most suited to their work style things went very well. Not everyone works the same way. And not everyone is motivated by the same things.

A good manager is a puzzle solver. They match problems and tasks with the best people to meet them. But without knowing what kinds of shapes their dealing with managers often try to force square pegs into round holes.

Likewise, learning how different people are either motivated or demotivated by the kinds of work and kinds of rewards set before them can help bring people both success in their work and satisfaction in their jobs. And when the inevitable office conflict occurs knowing the particular stresses people face in their work can help to resolve tensions.

Helping people thrive in their work is a challenging but rewarding part of business management.

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