marketingSometimes companies confuse or combine sales and marketing as “salesandmarketing.” But in fact sales and marketing are very different. In essence sales is the what you begin when a prospect calls. Marketing is everything you do to make your phone ring in the first place. Because companies sometimes confuse or combine these two distinct efforts they can make many mistakes and waste lots of money.

So if you are thinking of hiring a sales person because you want them to go find more prospects for you–you’ve get things really mixed up. If your phone is ringing so much that you can’t effectively respond to all the inquiries then you need help selling. If your phone is silent you need better marketing.

And when it comes to marketing the first question is not whether a print ad, banner ad, or SEO campaign is the better format. The first question is who am I looking to work with and what value do I bring to them. If your answer to that is anyone with a sufficient budget and anything I can possible do to get that budget–again things are mixed up. Marketing starts with rigorous reflection on who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why it’s valuable. If you can zoom in an answer those questions in detail–accessing that market is not that hard.

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