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The HeART of Design Business, Part 1: Money

coins HeARTWhen you, as an owner of a design practice, face business realities like finances, schedules, sales, and employee turnover—does the creative part of your soul start to shrivel? Does it feel like all the creativity gets sucked out of the room? As an artist or designer, you live with an uneasy tension between your creative side—the work of your heart—and the necessary encumbrances of business. The struggle is not so much about business capability as it is an inner conflict. The artist within strives against the business matters without. This inner tension between matters of money, time, marketing, and management can stunt and stifle the creative heart.

Are you tired of simply living in an uneasy détente with the business side of your work?

This is part one in a five part series on the HeART of Design Business. I’m going to address the five main areas of business that artists and designers must face—whether freelancers, or owners of design firms: money, minutes, management, marketing, and motivation. The artist in you comes to each of these important facets of business with a unique set of challenges related to your creative wiring. It’s not easy. The tensions run deep. But your creative heart, and the demands of business can be reconciled.

We’ll Start With Money…

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